Scheepjes Hygge CAL-Week 1

Hi all!

Ideally, I would have liked to get this blog post up before the release of week 2, but it hasn’t worked out that way! I only just finished week 1 yesterday, and I would of written this yesterday, however, storm Doris hit the UK, and I was too distracted by that!

I started off by making my gauge square; the pattern suggested using a 4.5mm hook, but when I’d made the gauge square, it was 1.5cm too big, so I switched to a 4mm, that ended up being 0.5cm too small… As the 4mm was less of a difference, I opted for that one and knew I’d have to make my stitches slightly looser, as I do tend to pull on my stitches a bit. Next, you’re supposed to practice your cross stitch in a heart shape, but, I did this later, as I was already behind, I preferred to start the CAL and then come back to cross stitching. My nanna taught me to cross stitch when I was about 7 or so, which does come in handy! I’m still not the best sewer, but that doesn’t matter too much. The only problem I had with the cross stitch, was that when it came to sewing in ends, it looked a little messy, and some ends could be seen.

I’m going to be honest here, I had a lot of trouble with week 1, and I’m not even too sure why! week one consisted of bobble stitch. I have done bobble stitch before, never had any problems, up until this CAL! I’m thinking it’s possibly to do with the fact we’re using cotton? My bobbles just weren’t popping up at all, they were like little spots, almost like a treble cluster, rather bobbles. In all, I think I’ve frogged this about 20 times, which has been particularly stressful. The stone washed yarn just doesn’t work well with frogging; it’s a cotton and acrylic blend, super soft, but the fuzzy acrylic blend ends up knotting together. I spent most of the time snipping little fuzzy parts so I could frog and not waste yarn.

I started my bobbles by working over the stone washed yarn, that ended up looking a little messy, as the top of the stitches looked ‘curly’ and sometimes, a stitch would be too loose at the beginning. I kept trying this way several times, but in the end, the ‘curly’ part at the top of the stitch, really bugged me. I then tried another way; this way you would do your bobble in the stitch, but not crochet over the stone washed, and then to end the stitch, you’d bring the stone washed yarn through the loops, and it would pull the bobble. Again, I did this several times, but the bobbles still looked like spots. After trying several different ways, I was almost ready to give up, but then I tried a 4.5mm hook for the bobbles. I think that worked out better, I’m still not 100% happy with the bobbles, but they’re looking better than they originally did.

Here’s what my week one looks like:fullsizerender-28

Front view of the CAL
From the side- a few don’t ‘pop’ up much
Reverse side- not crocheting over the stone washed yarn
Reverse side- close up

I’m not so sure other people had as much as a problem with bobbles as I did! I’ve looked through the tag, and everyone’s bobbles look near on perfect!

How did everyone else’s week one turn out? I’d love to know if it isn’t just me who had trouble!

Thank you for reading




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