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February Temperature blanket summary

February was quite mild in temperature! I mostly used Magenta and plum. Just to recap on my method, I crochet one row a day, based on the highest temperature of the day from 7am-9pm. The stitch I crochet is called the ‘moss’ or ‘linen’ stitch.

You can find my other temperature blanket posts HERE.

Here’s my chart where I keep track of temperatures and the colours. As you can see, we did get a bit of snow again, not a drastic amount mind! I purchased a new yarn for the snow colour (James C Brett Twinkle in the shade White) as I found my other one wasn’t as sparkly as I would of liked.

Screenshot 2017-02-28 at 08.33.19 - Edited.pngWe did have a slight heatwave, that reached up to 13c, although it didn’t feel like it! However, that did make a nice contrast in my blanket.

Here’s the chart of how many rows in each colour were used this month:


9 out 15 colours so far!

Also a chart for how many of each colour used as a whole so far:


Now for the blanket spam! It’s measuring just under 10.5 inches tall, with just under a 5 inch gain this month.

February is indicated in between the two black lines


I’m now hoping for some more warmer temperatures in March, I’m really loving the way it’s looking so far!

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