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Temperature blanket March summary

Hi guys!

So I haven’t posted on here in quite a while… and I’ve also not been posting much on Instagram… there isn’t a big reason, I’ve just been quite busy with other stuff, and when I’m not busy, I don’t feel like posting photos. I shouldn’t have to justify that, but I feel rude if I don’t. I hope you’ve all been really well! I know I still need to do a tutorial/blog post on how I repaired my temperature blanket, I haven’t forgotten!

So here’s my March summary of my temperature blanket. I may be biased, but I honestly love this blanket! it’s great not having control on what colour comes next, which is what really makes it unique. FullSizeRender (38)

You can find previous temperature blanket posts HERE and my instagram temperature blanket posts HERE

Last month, I thought about doing a crochet pom pom border, but this month, I’ve been loving the idea of a stone/light brown border, with alternate rows of the colour gauge. What do you think?

I decided to switch to using the met office temperatures; not a big deal, as the BBC weather gets the information from the met office anyway, but at least this way, I can look at the temperatures in the hours before.

The blanket is now approx 16.5 inches tall

This month saw two new colours! I’m not 100% certain that I like that pale green… but I really want to use it up, as it has no other use. I also used a lot more blues this month compared to purples and pinks.

I track my colours and temperatures on Google sheets

Screenshot 2017-03-31 at 17.18.34 - Edited.png

Here’s the colour tally of the month

Screenshot 2017-03-31 at 17.18.48 - Edited

As you can see, the 13c/14c colour has been used the most!

Here’s the colour tally used so far:

Screenshot 2017-03-31 at 17.18.46 - Edited

Stylecraft dk in plum is my most used colour. Where as Stylecraft dk in silver and the WI yarn in pale green, only used once. 11/15 colours now used!

Now for a blanket spam!

FullSizeRender (32)FullSizeRender (34)FullSizeRender (33)FullSizeRender (34)IMG_5468FullSizeRender (35)FullSizeRender (37)FullSizeRender (36)FullSizeRender (31)Thank you all for reading





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