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May temperature blanket summary

The months just seem to fly by, we are now half way through the year and half way through my temperature blanket! It’s been a fun project to make, seeing the variations of temperatures and how that works up a unique colour scheme. It’s also super fun to see other peoples take on the year long CAL.

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This month has been quite warm! we aren’t far off Summer now, which isn’t my favourite season, but I think I will love the way the colours will appear on my temperature blanket. I’m still in two minds about the light green/slightly bluish looking yarn, but when it’s with the other colours, I think it seems to blend in quite nicely!

Just to remind you all, I’m crocheting a row a day, based on the highest temp from the hours of 7am-10pm. Here is my colour range:


I’m using mostly Stylecraft Special DK, with a few odd balls in different brands, you can find the full list of the colour choices HERE. As I already had most of the colours in my stash, some partly used, I’m not completely sure on how much yarn I’ve used; but, I do know I have used one full ball of both Turquoise and Plum; good job those colours won’t be used for a while, as I am yet to purchase some more!

Here’s my chart for the month:Screenshot 2017-05-31 at 17.57.07 - Edited

The chart for the year:Screenshot 2017-05-01 at 11.11.20 - Edited

How many of each colour used for the month:

Screenshot 2017-06-04 at 13.40.45 - Edited (1)

How many colours used so far:

Screenshot 2017-06-04 at 13.40.45 - Edited

And now for the pictures of my blanket!FullSizeRender (43)FullSizeRender (42)FullSizeRender (41)IMG_6224IMG_6225

I got the idea from homemadebygiggles to show how the colours have been broke down by the months. So here it is:

You can find my temp blanket posts on instagram HERE and my instagram HERE

Thank you for reading!




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